Adjustable Heel Lift with Strap & Buckle

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Adjustable Heel Lift with Strap & Buckle is a secure 3-layer heel lift. It increases therapy time for clinical conditions caused by unequal leg length such as: abnormal spinal curvatures, heel pain, hip pain, certain types of low back pain and knee pain. Clear ankle strap with buckle can be worn with any open heel shoe, flip flop, or by itself. *Should be cleared through your treating physician for appropriate height.

  • Adjustable heel lift without a shoe
  • Adjustable heel lift for flip-flops
  • Adjustable heel lift for sandals

*Price includes a single Adjustable Strap


Product ID: #PLACSR001 

Heel lift size is related to shoe size: Women up to size 8 is a small. Women size 8 ½ and up is a medium. Men up to size 11 is a medium. Men size 11 ½ and up is a large.
Regarding Adjustable Heel Lift: Each layer is 1/8". thick for a total of 3/8".  The layers can be removed to meet the thickness of your need.
Shipping on all orders in the U.S. are just $5
International orders $10

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